Welcome to the Gemini Data Reduction User Forum. This Forum is intended as a user-supported location for trading ideas, scripts and best practices, and taking part in user-driven public discussions of data reduction processes and strategies. If you have written a script, procedure, tip or other description of your own process which you think other Gemini users may find helpful in reducing their data sets, please consider posting here (see below clarifications about what belongs to the forum).

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Forums available

Once you have an account, you can login. To access the Forums, click on Forums in the top menu. The forums are organized in different topics. There is:

  1. Announcements
    Where news are published.
  2. Gemini Data Reduction
    The core of this forum. This is where data reduction is discussed. There is only one forum for all observing more, instrument, wavelength and type of question. To differentiate between these, use the tags attributed to each post (see available tags here).
  3. Installations
    This is the forum where the installation of various software or packages is described.
  4. Uncategorized
    For anything that would not correspond to the other categories.
  5. Suggestion Box
    Is there anything that you would like to see happen in this forum? Any new feature, any new organization, any capability? Just let us know here.
  6. Gemini Observatory Archive Questions and tips related to searching for data and calibrations in the Gemini Observatory Archive.
  7. Gemini Card Game!
    Liking the game? Want to share your experience, ask questions, give suggestions? This is the place.

When to post on the forum?

The Gemini DR forum is for you. If you have any question that you would ask anyone in your department or to data reduction expert in general, it could as well be posted on the DR forum. It is complementary to the HelpDesk tickets, which are better suited for questions and requests that need immediate attention, and specific technical queries which would be best addressed by an NGO member or Gemini staff.

For example, the question:

I have problems when using gfresponse. It does not seem to finish and produces the error message: Gibberish-Gibberish-Gibberish. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

is more for the  HelpDesk system.

But, the question:

How do I get the best set of biases for my GMOS data?

should be submitted to the DR forum.

Note that if the forum Moderators receive the same question in HelpDesk tickets related to a given bug or a common problem, they will post it with its solution on the forum.