1. I am having trouble with the forum. Who should I contact?

 Please email us at Science User Support.

2. Why can’t I see my post once I submit it?

Some post will be submitted to inspection for approval. This is to prevent the publication of undesired material (like SPAM). You should not have more than one post awaiting for approval, as once you have one approved, the other will be published instantly. Newly registered users should expect their first post to be approved before it shows up.

3. Why was my attached script rejected?

Executable files will be rejected. That includes IDL and Python scripts. To publish a .pro or .py file, it is recommended to tar or zip it before attaching it to your post.

4 – Why is the preview window not displaying what I expect it to?

We have seen in some instances when the preview window was showing unwanted characters. This seems to have something to do with the browser’s or the system’s set-up. However, note that in all cases, the publish post was as expected, not like displayed in the preview.