Mosaicking multiple NIFS data cubes

I am new to IRAF/PyRAF and this is my first time reducing NIFs data. I have 7 data cubes that I would like to mosaic together into one and then extract the 1D spectra and 2D image from the final cube. From what I have read I first need to determine spatial offsets, update the WCS of each cube so they are all on the same absolute world coordinates and then co-add them in some way. However, there is also the additional complications that the cubes were observed across multiple days and with AO. In any case, Im not sure how to actually go about these tasks.
While I have come across the PyFU script, there is a warning about using it with under sampled (e.g., NIFs) data. What would be the recommended method to mosaic these data cubes together and extract the spectra (of my target source) and image from the final cube (preferably using PyRAF)?

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