Topic Tags

To help other users find your submissions, please enter appropriate topic tags in the Topic Tags box when posting; use commas to separate multiple tags. The currently available topic tags are shown below. Please check this list before posting, and re-use any appropriate tags that already exist to ensure that tags are not needlessly created:

astrodata astropy B600 bug cookbook cross-dispersed data reduction distortion documentation example FLAMINGOS-2 FLAMINGOS-2 data-reduction cookbook Game Gamosaic gemini iraf gemini_python X1 GEMS GEMTOOLS GMOS GMOS-N GMOS-S GNIRS GPI gprepare gqecorr GRACES GSAOI gscut gsreduce Hamamatsu help high-resolution IDL ifu imaging Imcoadd infrared iraf linearity longslit manabadi MDF MOS N&S NIFS nir NIRI nsflat optical Photometry pipeline Problume pyraf python QE reactor simulation software read mode Release script Solution spectroscopy standard star telluric tutorials ureka wavelength workshop zeropoints

Click on a topic tag to see every topic bearing that tag. At present it is not possible to combine tags to restrict a search. The script topic tag should be used when posting scripts and the help topic tag should be used when requesting help.