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    Dear All,

    as announced: both the observatory and the Users’ Committee for Gemini are keen that the Forum should be well used, and helpful to as many people as possible. To encourage this involvement, the Gemini Director has agreed to award Discretionary observing time to two selected posters (10 hours for the best major contribution; 3 hours for the best minor contribution), to do with as they please (including donating to someone else and/or adding to an existing program).

    Members of the Users Committee will judge the best contribution submitted by the end of February. Some examples of contributions that might attract this sort of award:

    * Great user-level documentation (e.g. a really good cookbook that uses tools accessible to the community)

    * Exceptional functionality in a data analysis script or package (e.g. a script that will clearly be used by many people out there)

    * Constructive, educational and complete advice to someone with a query; which will be obviously useful to a lot of other users

    The Users’ Committee for Gemini will judge all contributions made between the Forum release date and the end of February 2014. The winners will be announced by the end of March and the Discretionary time award can be used immediately.

    If you have any questions, please ask them below or drop me an email!

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    Hi Markus,

    has the users’ commitee come to a conclusion yet, or are the forums simply not populated enough yet?




    Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations to the winners from early contributions to the Gemini Data Reduction User Forum. The Users’ Committee for Gemini (UCG) evaluated the submissions and recommend that David Rupke be recognized for his large effort, and Andrew Stephens for his smaller submission. The contributions are IDL-based routines to work with data from integral field spectrographs, including NIFS and GMOS (IFSRED and IFSFIT, from David) and dynamic sky generation for NIRI (SKYNAMIC, from Andrew). Both winners now have an opportunity to obtain new observations using Director’s Discretionary Time. Many of the other submissions were also excellent, and we encourage your continued involvement (trading ideas, scripts, and best practices, allowing you to particiapte in open discussions of data reduction processes and strategies) in our user forum. There will be another contest announced soon.

    Thanks again to all the posters!


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