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    I’m trying to reduce F2 K-band data and have been using f2examples-imaging as my template. I don’t have sky, short darks, or flat darks so I’ve commented out those sections and the code seems to work just fine.
    Unfortunately when I get to the very last step, combining the science data I get the following warning:
    IMCOADD: no good objects in common. Setting fl_scale=no

    Furthermore my final image hardly has any objects in it, only a couple of very faint ones. When doing an imcombine command in iraf (not with the gemini package) I get significantly more objects so I know the gemini output is wrong.

    I’ve been reading through the IMCOADD documentation that GEMINI has published and have considered the following issues, unfortunately the information is not detailed enough for someone new to it (as I am) to parse what exactly the solutions might be.

    I believe the issue lies partly in how faint the objects are. I’ve tried playing around with the threshold, aperture, etc parameters, but haven’t found any significant betterments.

    I’ve also considered that there is something wrong with the alignment and therefore the faint objects are being averaged out in the combine.

    I’d appreciate any help at all. Also please advise on what further information you might need to help troubleshoot.

    Regards, Kaja.


    Catherine Huitson

    Hi kaja,

    I don’t use FLAMINGOS-2 myself, but I wanted to point you in the direction of the Gemini Helpdesk if you haven’t seen it already. They should be able to help with problems like this, as yours is quite a specific problem that may not be able to be answered on here. If you scroll down under the “topic” dropdown, you can select “Gemini IRAF”.

    Here is a link to the Helpdesk:

    Thanks, and I hope you can resolve the problem soon!

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