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    I’m working on three sets of F2 LS data. I had no problems with getting the flat in the the first two, however this third set is giving me a floating point error:

    IrafError: Error running IRAF task fit1d
    IRAF task terminated abnormally
    ERROR (502, “floating point overflow”)

    I scanned the headers but nothing jumped out at me. The darks and flat in the third flat do look different, so it is probably related to that.

    Has anyone seen this issue with recent F2 data?



    I haven’t worked with F2 data at all but I’ve seen this with GNIRS flats. I’ve never tracked down the underlying cause but I’m usually able to work around the crash by changing the value of the lthresh parameter. I seem to remember that setting fl_vardq- can help as well.

    I’m actually going on leave from Gemini starting tomorrow so I’m afraid I won’t be available to follow up with you. Good luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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