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    I am doing GMOS IFU data reduction by using pyraf, and there is a problem in gfextract task(same thing happens even when using iraf) :

    IrafError: Error running IRAF task imcopy
    IRAF task terminated abnormally
    ERROR (808, “Pixel subscript out of bounds (tmppaste6662_61[SCI,1][1:3139,1:4176])”)

    This error does not occur when I try the same task to 2006, 2015 data, only 2019 programs’ files give this error. I think it results from difference of vertical size(2019 data has 4176 pixels in y axis, but 2006 & 2015 data has 4608) but I don’t know the exact reason.

    Any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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