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    Here’s an example (subset) of the basic data reduction for a recent GMOS IFU-2 project (Davies, Schirmer & Turner, 2015), using Gemini IRAF and my PyFU scripts. This sequence has also been modified to illustrate the new QE correction in Gemini IRAF 1.13. It’s a bit verbose but I hope some of you will find it useful. These data were from the old GS CCDs.

    You can execute this with a cl redirect (even in PyRAF), eg.

    cl < ../scripts/ (& it's assumed there's a cuar.dat in the same directory). You can use this with my version of the GMOS package from or with Gemini IRAF 1.13 after removing the wavtraname parameter from the gfresponse calls. You’ll also need to get the PyFU scripts from

    The comments in this script were written partly for my own benefit and I haven’t gone through and edited them carefully so don’t get too hung up on what I’ve written.



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