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    I am attempting to perform a wavelength calibration on one of my arc images but I want to do it in such a way that I supply a specific region of my image to be calibrated rather than just using the default section. The region I want to supply as the “section” parameter value is the region from pixels 1,6144 in the x direction and 1110,1160 in the y direction.

    What exactly is the syntax for this specification for this parameter? I am having difficulty making sense of the description of the syntax on the “help AUTOIDENTIFY” page where the parameter is located, and every different way I have tried results in the task terminating with the warning:
    Warning: Error in section specification or non-unique abbreviation

    and the following error:
    ERROR-GSWAVELENGTH: AUTOIDENTIFY did not find a solution- a database file was not created.

    Any help is appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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