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    The instructions distributed with this package in gemini_readme.txt seem to be a bit outdated with the current Ureka distribution (1.5.2).

    In particular, the instructions continually reference an IRAF USER, and external package directories that are not a part of the standard Ureka installation as far as I’m aware…

    So, I’m confused about exactly where to put the new package references.

    I’m a mac user running El Capitan (10.11).

    I think I can put the following commands into my file:
    reset gemini = /Users/jwerk/Gemini/
    task gemini.pkg = gemini$

    (I just dropped the new stuff into /Users/jwerk/Gemini (outside the Ureka installation).

    But I’m not sure how to update the helpdb.

    The instructions state:

    “Near the end of the hlib$extern.pkg file, update the definition of helpdb
    so it includes the Gemini help database, copying the syntax already used
    in the string. Add this line before the line containing a closing quote:


    But please note, I do not have an extern.pkg file, except in Ureka/variants/common and I’m not sure I want to edit that thing. Do I???

    perhaps I can just add the following command in the
    reset helpdb= ( envget(“helpdb”) + “,gemini$lib/helpdb.mip\” )

    But I’m not sure if that will work.

    Am I doing something completely wrong here??

    I installed Ureka according to their instructions. Everything worked well. IRAF is working for me. It’s just that I need to update the Gemini package, and the installation instructions are not particularly helpful.




    Kathleen Labrie

    I think I can put the following commands into my file:
    reset gemini = /Users/jwerk/Gemini/
    task gemini.pkg = gemini$

    You are correct. I prefer putting that stuff in my but it should also work in the You might want to add a “keep” after those lines just to be safe.

    You are also correct that the instructions distributed in the package are a bit old. It has been on my TODO list to update all that for the next release. (And add better instructions on the website too.) The instructions currently in the package were the standard installation instructions for external IRAF package way back then. What you propose is indeed a nicer, simpler way to do things.

    As for the helpdb… Er… I wasn’t sure but I just did a test. You should NOT have to do anything special. Just redefining the gemini package like you did above will pick up the help pages in that package. I just tried it and it was indeed picking up the new help pages. Give it a try, just edit one of the .hlp file with some bogus word added to the tile, launch cl/pyraf, load the gemini package and “help” the task associated to the .hlp you modified. You should see your bogus word, confirming that you are picking up the new .hlp files.

    Let me know how it turns out.

    Thanks for your post.

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