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    We found that no linearity correction needed to be applied, and that the GSAOI Z and J filters correspond directly to the MKO Y and J, respectively. We derived identical zeropoints, within the uncertainties, for both bright and faint read modes and for each of the four detectors. The zeropoints were measured to be 26.71 at GSAOI-Z (equivalent to MKO-Y) and 26.40 at J.


    The YJH photometry was found to be on the MKO system, as expected from the filter bandpasses. The FLAMINGOS-2 Ks filter profile is very similar to that of the 2MASS Ks filter. For very late-type T and Y brown dwarfs, we found: K – Ks = 0.4 +/- 0.1.

    We found that the zeropoints differ for bright and faint read mode. We
    derived zeropoints at Y/J/H/Ks of 24.83/24.91/25.15/24.45 and
    24.09/24.16/24.39/23.68 for bright and medium mode respectively.

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