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    Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller

    This is a set of IDL routines for applying parallactic angle slit loss
    corrections to GMOS spectra using the algorithms from Filippenko
    (1982, PASP, 94, 715). It can also apply an atmospheric extinction
    correction. The IDL astronomy library

    must be installed.

    Input parameters:

    file – input MEF, it assumes fl_vardq+ used in previous processing
    with the Gemini GMOS IRAF package
    width – slit width in arcsec
    iq – Image Quality as FWHM in arcsec or pixels (indicate with
    the /pix flag) at 5500A
    xoffset – offset of star in the slit in arcsec (optional)
    extinct – extinction curve to apply (optional)
    pre – string prefix, added before ‘p’ (optional)
    pix – Input IQ is in pixels, the IQ will be multiplied by PIXSCALE


    % idl
    IDL> cd <path to slitcorr>/testdata
    IDL> slitcorr,”ebqtcrgsN20020309S0161_bb2.fits”,0.75,9.36,extinct=”mkoextinct.dat”,xoffset=0.0,/pix

    1. slitcorr.tar.gz
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