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    THELI is an easy-to-use graphical interface for the end-to-end
    reduction of any optical, NIR and MIR imaging data. It combines a multitude of processing algorithms and well-known third party software, such as Scamp and Swarp, in a single, homogeneous tool. All tasks are largely automated, while at the same time a high level of flexibility and alternative reduction schemes ensure that widely different scientific requirements can be met. Over 90 optical and infrared instruments are pre-configured, including Gemini’s GMOSes, F2, NIRI, GSAOI, and T-ReCS.

    Three step-by-step examples (based on public archival optical, NIR and MIR data) can be found in Schirmer 2013, ApJS 209, 21, demonstrating the usage and the most important features.

    The package itself and extensive online documentation are available at

    THELI is maintained by Mischa Schirmer during his research time.
    The next major release, planned for 2014, will also support MacOS.

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