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    Github: The US NGO is developing data reduction tutorials for the Gemini DRAGONS and IRAF packages. The new github repository for DRAGONS contains Jupyter notebooks, written using the DRAGONS Python API, with data reduction examples (adapted from the DRAGONS Documentation) for imaging modes using Flamingos2, GMOS, GSAOI, and NIRI. There are also extended help files with detailed instructions on how to download the notebooks, install the necessary Python packages, download the raw data from the Gemini Observatory Archive, and run the procedures. The Gemini/IRAF repository contains examples of data reduction scripts of GMOS long-slit spectroscopy with the Hamamatsu and e2v CCD’s. New notebooks will become available as new data reduction modes are included in the next DRAGONS software updates. Details can be found at

    Twitter: The US NGO started another channel of communication with the US Gemini community. Scheduled posts on Twitter include information about US program completion (daily for Gemini North and South), refereed publications with Gemini data and US involvement (weekly), instrument line-up (weekly for Gemini North and South), upcoming deadlines (monthly/semesterly), as well as software/instrument updates and other relevant news. Follow the US NGO at

    For questions related to these products contact:

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